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You don’t have to be a celebrity to go to the Bigg Boss show

Bigg Boss show
Bigg Boss show

You don’t have to be a celebrity to go to the Bigg Boss show … then you can go to the Bigg Boss … let’s see.

All but one of the 19 contestants who appeared in the Bigg Boss 5 Telugu season. All other names have already been leaked. Padala Jaswant is one of them .. He kept his name very secret. Whoever sees him on stage. They started searching for him on Google. Jesse, who was supposed to be eliminated in the first week, came out of the Bigg Boss house in the tenth week with health issues. 10 Weeks gave a shock of how it was.

However, Bigg Boss is a celebrity show. It is only for season 1. The whole scene changed from then on. The celebrity show was made a social media show. Bigg Boss is bringing celebrities who are not popular on social media and YouTube as contestants. However, the audience was shocked when model Jesse Bigg Boss came as a contestant.

Inquired about how Jesse got to Bigg Boss House and finally … Jesse ended up being the recommendation contestant. Not only that .. He is rumored to be the Bigg Boss Season 5 contestant who gave money to Bigg Boss. Rumors have it that he paid Rs 20 lakh for it. Remuneration is actually given to those who come as Bigg Boss show contestants. However, in the case of Jesse, everything is reversed. It is known that Jesse came into the house after giving money to Bigg Boss. However, it is not only the outsiders who are happy that Jesse is coming to the Bigg Boss show with money. Jesse and the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house also said. Jesse clarified that the comments that he had received money were also said in the house.

‘Bigg Boss did not think that the money came to the house outside .. Some people in the house also said .. I said that the money came to the house of Bigg Boss. For all of them I am showing how much money my account has. Give me all my account details .. I have only one account .. same SBI. I currently have only 11 fingers in my account.

Big Boss they don’t need money .. they never take money. They face money. Financially I’ve been a week .. I have no background .. My dad died .. I learned modeling with the money I hid doing a night shift job. I know the value of the rupee very well. God saw my hardship .. Big Boss gave the offer. As soon as the Bigg Boss show offer came, if they did not give me a rupee, I thought I would leave. They gave me a remuneration.

Since I’m a model .. most people don’t know .. seeing that my dressing is also very rich .. the people in the house commented that Bigg Boss would have paid them. I can not afford to pay .. I do not even have a godfather in the industry. All I have is the talent of modeling. I went to Bigg Boss House with that talent .. I did not go to Bigg Boss House in the alley .. I played the game genetically .. I went straight .. I played straight .. I came straight. I’m telling all of them that whoever gave me the money .. I went straight .. The Bigg Boss offer came with my talent, ” Jesse clarified.
Monal Ghajjar has gone viral on social media saying that the Telugu season of Bigg Boss 4 also came in the same way. He said at the time that he had a sponsor and had a recommendation to keep him in the top-6. Judging by this, Jesse’s thing seems correct. What is correct and what is not correct is all illusion.

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