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Tirupathi Zoo: Will you adopt us ..? Hopefully waiting for tigers, lions, elephants ..

Tirupathi Zoo
Tirupathi Zoo

Not only humans but also dumb creatures have been affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. Starved. The Tirupathi Zoopark is a case in point. Due to the lack of income, the dumb creatures have to deal with Ardhakali.

The roar of the lion, the king of the jungle, on the one hand, the roar of the ghazals, the chirping of the birds, the dancing of the peacocks, we have to go to the zoo to see so many wildlife. It would be great if such an additional pleasure could be added to the spiritual journey. The mythical city of Tirupathi has many wonders and other wonders. Along with the locals, those who come to Thirumala to see Srivari visit the SV Zoo Park. The zoo is always bustling with thousands of visitors. So all this was before the arrival of the Corona. This zoo that was once buzzing is now going under the influence of corona.

Not only human beings but also ‘dumb creatures’ have been affected by the corona epidemic. Starved. The Tirupati Zoo is an example of this. Sri Venkateswara Zoo is the largest zoo in Asia. Covering an area of ​​1,250 acres, the zoo is home to a total of 1145 species of animals, a variety of birds and snakes. The roar of lions, the roar of tigers, the roar of elephants, the chirping of birds, the snarling of snakes were all part of the crowds of visitors. Just as the corona epidemic has ravaged humanity .. the zoo’s animals have been stunned.

Zune was closed for almost three months in Corona First Wave. The second wave also closed for a couple of months. As a result, Zoo Park’s revenue plummeted. Donors’ financial aid and food supplies to the zoo’s animals have also stalled. This made the management of dumb creatures more difficult for the authorities.

Prior to the Corona, it received over six million visitors a year. They generated an annual income of up to Rs 6 crore at a rate of around Rs 50 lakh per month. The closure of the zoo due to corona caused a loss of about Rs 3.5 crore. About ninety percent of visitors’ income is spent on the zoo’s animal feed and maintenance. But now they are in a situation where they can be confused with Ardhakali. In addition, financial aid from Central Zoo Park was halted due to the corona. With this, TTD provided Rs 50 lakh last year and State Bank of India provided financial assistance of up to Rs 50 to Zoopark.

Authorities do not understand how the zoo can be managed as the onslaught of visitors is declining day by day due to the fear of the corona. Authorities are urging animal lovers and charities to come forward to adopt the animal. As in the past donors are urged to come forward and arrange to provide them with food. SV Zoological Park Curator Himashilaja wants to contact 9440810068 if there are any such people.

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