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Sirivennela Award-Winning Songs: 11 Nandi Awards for Sirivennela Award.

Sirivennela Award Winning Songs

Sirivennela Sitaramashastri’s song is to be admired by anyone .. Wow, the feeling in it is unbelievable. His writing and literature are like that. Not only that, Sitaramashastri was one of the most important figures in conveying the power of the letter. Flavor, romance, anguish, thought .. Sirivennela is a painter who knows how many inclinations there are in poetry and how many beauties there are in the letter. The moment he penned a Telugu film song called ‘Vidhata Talapuna Prabhavinchinadi’, he became a kissing child to a Telugu song. Many awards in the journey of ‘Sarasa Swara Sura Jhari Gamanamou’. Not one, not two, the Padma Shri, one of the highest awards of the Government of India, is also a gift to his literature. He has received the Nandi Award for Best Lyricist 11 times from the state government. His lyrics and songs have won him Nandi Awards.

Chembolu Sitaramashastri wrote the first song for Telugu cinema ‘Vidhata Talapuna’. Nandi received the Best Songwriter Award for the first time for this song from the movie ‘Sirivennela’. K. The film was directed by Viswanath and directed by K.V. Mahadevan provided the voices.

For the second time also k. Nandi received the award for Best Lyricist for the song ‘Telavarademo Swami’ from the film ‘Shrutilayalu’ directed by Viswanath. The song also features K.V. Mahadevan composing the vocals.

K as Hytric for the third time. The song from the film directed by Vishwanath won the Nandi Award for Sitarama Shastri. Ilayaraja’s mesmerizing song ‘Andela Ravamidi Padamulada!’ In ‘Swarnakamalam’ mesmerized the audience.

The political thriller ‘Injury’ starring Jagapathi Babu in a pivotal role under the direction of Rangopal Varma. In it, Sirivennela wrote the song ‘Surajyamavaleni Swarajyamendukani’. The song, composed by Sri Kommineni, won the Nandi Award.

Fifth Nandi Award for not writing the song ‘Chiluka Ae Todu Leka’ from the movie ‘Shubhalagnam’.

Srikaram won the sixth Nandi Award for his song ‘Manasu Kasta Kalata Padite’.

The 7th Nandi Award went to the song ‘Ardha Shatabdapu Ajnanne’ from the movie ‘Sindooram’.

The song ‘Devudu Karunistadani’ from the movie ‘Premakatha’, which debuted as Sumanth’s hero, won the eighth Nandi Award.

The ninth Nandi Award went to the song ‘Jagamanta Kudumbam Nadi’ from ‘Chakram’.

Tenth Nandi Award ‘Gamyam Movie’

Eleventh Nandi Award ‘Seetamma Wakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’

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