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Shanmukh-Deepthi Sunaina, Shanmukh parents who conditioned the marriage

Deepthi Sunaina
Shanmukh-Deepthi Sunaina

We know that Shanmukh and Deepti Sunayana have been in love since time immemorial.
Then Deepti Sunayana came to a little distance with Shanmukh as she was close with Tanish when she went to Bigg Boss House. Then Shanmukh was well-received on social media. Now that Shanmukh is close with Siri, Deepti has started trolling. But no matter who thinks .. Deepti is still showing her love for Shanmukh. Also, Siri’s boyfriend does not care what.

When Shanmukh’s mother came to Bigg Boss’s house, did Amma meet Deepti? How is it .. Talk? Tell the truth .. is Deepti in touch? Shanmukh repeatedly asked about Deepti. That’s right .. when I said that I met him .. when Shanmukh said that telling the truth is scum on me .. is Amma lying? Umarani was a little impatient as to why she was being asked all the time. You can understand why Kanna’s mother is irritated.

However, shanmukh mother did not talk much about Deepti even in outside interviews. On top of that, they are just friends .. Somehow they did cover songs together so their pair became popular. Love .. Do you call marriage? We were told that the two families would discuss and then make a decision.

However, Shanmukh’s parents have recently made open comments on the Shanmukh-Deepti marriage. ‘Shanmukh Deepti has not told us yet that he loves Sunayana .. They have become popular with YouTube videos .. We thought they were good friends .. But going to TV shows .. Frying tattoos After all this .. It is known that they are in love. We also learned to watch on TV. After that Shanmukh said the thing .. even then he said, friends.

It was only after watching on TV that it became clear that they both liked each other. There was no discussion between us about love and marriage. Deepti is also a lot of fun with us. Coming to our house ..
If Shanmukh likes it, we like it. However, Shanmukh’s elder brother is not married yet .. he wants to get married first .. but if it is okay for Deepti Sunayana’s parents, it’s okay for us .. let’s marry against their will. We do not even know what their parents said. It’s not a YouTube song to be popular .. It’s a wedding .. Two families need to meet. If Deepti’s parents agree to the marriage, we will agree .. We do not agree with them. We will not deny our boy’s will .. There is still a lot of time for Wadi’s wedding. He is growing up now .. Shanmukh’s marriage will take another three and a half years .. We have to marry our elder brother first .. After that Shanmukh’s parents clarified that Shanmukh is getting married.

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