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One-time settlement (OTS) registrations made at village secretariats

One-time settlement (OTS)
One-time settlement (OTS)

One-time settlement (OTS) registrations made at village secretariats are unconstitutional. Documents made with Jagan Reddy dolls are invalid

According to Article 254 of the Constitution of India, the powers of the Central and State Governments are vested in the three lists of powers, which are separate and joint powers.

Non-agricultural land conversion, registration of deeds, and documents fall under this category as per item no.6 in the concurrent list. (transfer of property other than agricultural land, registration of deeds, and documents).

Any provision of the Act made by a State Legislature under Article 254 of the Constitution … if it is contrary to the provisions of the existing Act relating to a provision of an Act previously enacted by Parliament or one of the items in the Jointly Specified List … Act enacted by the State Legislature subject to Clause (2).

Accordingly, GEO No. was issued by the Government on 24-11-2021 empowering the Ward and Village Secretariats to register under the One Time Settlement (OTS). 332 is not valid.

How can the registration authority of Sub-Registrars in gazetted capacity and probation also be confirmed and the registration authority of a non-gazetted employee who is a non-gazetted employee be bound?

The colorful documents given by Jagannath toy in the name of registrations are equivalent to scraps of paper. They have no legitimacy. It is also illegal to arbitrarily make toys by tampering with non-judicial stamps. Such stamp papers are not valid.

The EP Housing Corporation has borrowed heavily from companies such as Hudco and NABARD to build houses. Already the housing corporation owes billions to the respective companies.

Registrations made by the government in the name of OTS without paying the debts owed to the concerned institutions may face legal implications in the future.

The Andhra Pradesh government has already warned the Power Finance Corporation that it will be declared the defaulter for non-payment of arrears.

If the state government uses the money collected in the name of OTS without paying the arrears to Hudco and NABARD for its own needs with its innate attitude, the housing corporation will also face default.

The Telugu Desam Party is appealing to the people to understand the drama being played by the Jagan Reddy government in the name of OTS to fill the coffers just for the sake of daily necessities.

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