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November 19, 3:30 am Area, Ramakrishna Reddy Nagar near Thiruchanur

Tirupati Police
Tirupati Police

About 30 people were trapped in the floodwaters in the area. Due to its proximity to the Swarnamukhi River, the river flooded and flooded nearby houses.

They gave information from their mobile phone to Thiruchanur police station … they begged for protection .. small children and old people were among them.

They also decided on the last day of their lives on this earth .. but some hope .. the expectation that someone would save them .. kept them alive … Constable Prasad rescued them using a rope with the help of the locals.

In fact, Constable Prasad was on night-beat duty at the time. He contacted the victims via a conference call from the police station. Prasad worked hard to locate the location of the victims. Water Around It is not known how many people in any house are in mortal danger. Owaipu sparrow. Power poles fell .. Power supply was completely cut off.

In the pitch darkness, Constable Prasad was joined by three other locals. With their help they were able to rescue those trapped in the houses. Reincarnation for them in a way.

If Constable Prasad had not ventured out today, perhaps these 30 Chief Ministers would not have been on a visit today.

Simply reach the houses with the help of cell phone torch light and bring them out safely.

Here’s a miracle .. In less than 10 years, two girls, Anvita and Sanvita, spent almost seven hours holding a tree near their house in the floodwaters … I can not say if they experienced that hell.

Srinivasureddy, Reddappa and Madhu from the same area who assisted Constable Prasad were amazed at the adventure of the children. They were rescued and taken to a safe area.

While the rescue operation was going on, Urban District SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu, IPS officer, East DSP Murali Krishna and Thiruchanur CI crossed the hutahuta Renigunta and reached Padipeta via Gajulamandyam. From there they had no way to get to the area where the rescue operation was taking place. The bridge over the Swarnamukhi river in the area was washed away by the floods. With this, the SP successfully conducted the rescue operation by giving instructions to the personnel on the other side from there.

Today they are all anxiously gathered there because of that … they are mortals …

Today, Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy arrived at a dairy farm near Thiruchanur as part of a tour of flood-prone areas, eagerly awaiting another birth for him.
When the Chief Minister reached there, he thanked them for saving their lives by beating them with both hands.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy honored Constable Prasad, who saved the lives of 30 people, as well as Srinivasureddy, Reddappa and Madhu.

Beyond their adventure .. Recognizing the need to save the lives of fellow people, the Chief Minister heartily congratulated them.

Vijayalakshmi, Ajay, Anusha, Anvita, Shanvita, Rajamma, Sushila, Krishnamurthy, Geeta, Kanchana, Sangareddy, Bhagyam, Srinivas, Sridevi, Venkatereddy, Roopa Kini and Mahesh, who were rescued from the flood there, thanked the Chief Minister.

Fear of death during a flood is probably what these children say … because Anvita Sanvita spends almost seven hours in the floodwaters for those who cling to a tree branch to save themselves …. so OK my life fear should be heard in their own words … they deserve to say the severity of the fear of life.

Explaining to the 30 rescued Chief Ministers how they were rescued … he understood that he was blindfolded .. He congratulated the three who were with the constable who saved their lives regardless of their lives.

Chandragiri MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, in the presence of Urban SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu, IPS, presented the memento to the constable in appreciation of Constable Prasad’s bravery.

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