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Illegal Affair: Pouring petrol on Aunty and blowing up gas cylinder? Died in Anantapur!

Illegal Affair With Aunty
Illegal Affair With Aunty

Bangalore: He has a son who is of working age. The husband is suspicious of his wife even after 25 years of marriage. Suspicious of his wife’s habit, her husband constantly quarreled with her. The couple has more of a kinship. Relatives regularly visit the couple’s home. The husband was allowed to come to the house and talk to his wife closely. He tortured his wife after the relatives left. Although she knew that her husband was suspicious of her, Aunty remained close to anyone who came to the house and still provoked her husband.

The husband, who finally went home one day, was shocked to see his wife. He immediately poured petrol on his wife and set her on fire. The fire spread and the gas cylinder in the house exploded. The fire also spread to her husband at the time. The husband, who escaped from his home after his wife was cremated, fled to Chittoor and Anantapur districts without being caught by the police. The seriously injured husband wandered around as well for fear of being caught by the police if he left the hospital. Eventually suffering from burns and pain, he called his son and spoke to him. He was found dead by police who traced his mobile phone.

Nisar (51) and Ayesha (47) live in Rajendranagar, Adugodi, Bangalore. Nisar and Ayesha have 22-year-old sons. For a few years after the marriage, Nisar was happily married to his wife, Ayesha. Small quarrels broke out between the Ranura couple.

Her husband Nisar is suspicious of his wife Ayesha, who has been married for 25 years. Nisar was constantly quarreling with his wife Ayesha with suspicion on Seelam. Nisar and Ayesha have more relatives. Relatives regularly visit Nisar and Ayesha’s house.

Nisar was allowed to come home and talk to his wife Ayesha closely. Wife Ayesha was tortured by her husband Nishar after the relatives left. Although she knows that her husband Nishar has suspicions about her, Ayesha Aunty is said to have stayed close to anyone who came to her house and still provoked her husband Nishar.

Nishar went home on the 19th of this month and saw his wife Ayesha and another man in the house. Then there was an altercation between the couple. Nisar, who lost his temper at the time, immediately poured petrol on his wife Ayesha and set her on fire. Ayesha grabbed her husband Nishar tightly and the fire spread to him.

A gas cylinder exploded in Nisar’s house. Ayesha and her husband Nishar were on fire at the time. The fire spread and Ayesha were cremated alive. Nishar locked the house after his wife Ayesha died and fled.

Nishar, who went straight by auto, took a bus to Madanapalle in Chittoor district on the Karnataka border. Nishar hid in Madanapalle for two days. Although the fire spread, Nishar did not go to the hospital for treatment. Nishar feared that the police would catch him if he went to the hospital.

Nishar wisely started switching on and off the phone from time to time and then switching off for fear of the police. Police tried to trace Nishar’s mobile phone but could not catch him. Eventually, Nishar took a bus from Madanapalle to Puttaparthi in Anantapur district and from there reached Penugonda.

Four days later Nishar phoned his son and inquired how he was. Upon learning of the matter, the police traced Nishar’s mobile phone and reached Penugonda. Nishar was found dead in the desert when police reached Penugonda. Police say Nishar died of burns as he was not treated at the hospital. Nishar, who had murdered his wife Ayesha Seelam on suspicion, fled for a few days after their family members found him dead. Adugodi police say Ayesha had been having an illicit affair with another man for many years and her husband Nishar had repeatedly tortured her and told her relatives that we had done panchayats many times and eventually remained silent.

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