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For the first time in the history of TTD, a white paper has been released detailing Srivari’s assets and sales

TTD Assets For Sales Details
TTD Assets For Sales Details

For the first time in the history of TTD, a white paper has been released detailing Srivari’s assets and sales

TTD-White Paper: For the first time in the history of TTD .. a White Paper with full details of Srivari assets and sales was released Also, 35.26 lakh Srivari brownies were sold in July, TTD officials said. Also, 2.55 lakh devotees offered heads to

Malayappa Swami.
TTD-White Paper: Thirumala Tirupati is a shrine dedicated to Kaliyuga deity Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Swamivarini king, poor .. rich, commoner, regardless of the consumption .. offering to their favorite deity according to their stage. With this, the owner knows that there are priceless assets in many forms like money, gold, land, farms, silver and diamonds. However, TTD has recently released a white paper on Srivastava’s assets and created a sensation. This is the first time in the history of the Thirumalathirupathi temple that a white paper has been issued giving a full report on Swami’s assets. The latest TTD ruling class has done something that no government has done so far. Sri Venkateswara, as he felt obliged to inform the devotees of the Swami about his assets, declared the details of the assets of the Swami transparently. TTD Chairman YV Subbareddy released the white paper. In addition, to find out the full details of the owner’s assets in the White Paper .. It is available at www.tirumala.org.

Details of Swami’s Assets:

It contains details of the sale of property owned by Swami since 1974. According to the available records, the number of Swamivari properties under TTD is 1128. The total is 8,088 acres 89 cents of agricultural land. This whole land is divided into agricultural, arable lands and lands. Of this, the number of agricultural assets is 233. 2085. 41 cents per acre of this agricultural land is in the name of the owner as stated in the White Paper. While the number of non-agricultural properties is 895, the land in this category is 6,003 acres 48 cents, according to the White Paper, which details Swami’s total land.

Sale of Swami’s Property:

A total of 141 properties belonging to Malayappaswamy were sold. TTD officials said the sale of the assets took place from 1974 to 2014. A total of 335 acres of land owned by Swami was sold for 23 cents, according to Shweta Patra. The number of agricultural assets on these lands was 61 .. 293 acres 02 cents .. The number of non-agricultural assets was 80 .. i.e. 42 acres.21 cents of non-agricultural assets were sold. Through the sale of these lands, TTD raised Rs. 6 crore 13 lakh revenue, TTD officials said through a white paper.

Details of assets of Venkanna till November 2020:

As on November 28, 2020, the number of Shivari assets was 987. The TTD now owns 7,753 acres for 66 cents. We are using 172 acres of this land for agricultural purposes. A total of 1,792 acres 39 cents of land is under the control of the TTD Governing Council. The White Paper states that 5,961 acres of 27-cent non-agricultural land are under TTD control.

These are the assets as on November last year. As on November 28 last year, the value of the assets valued at 987. 7,753 acres were 66 cents owned by TTD. Of this, 172 are lands used for agricultural purposes. A total of 1,792.39 cents of agricultural land is currently in the possession of the governing body. TTD owns 5,961 acres of 27-cent non-agricultural land, the White Paper said

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