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Explained: Powerful AK-203 Rifles in Indian hands.

AK-203 rifles
AK-203 rifles

The Indian Army has been using Inzas rifles for the past 30 years. The Center has decided to replace them with six lakh AK203 rifles. They can easily hit a target at a distance of 300 meters. AK-203 rifles are much lighter than Inzas rifles. The Inzas rifle weighs 4.15 kg while the AK-203 weighs only 3.8 kg. The AK-203 rifle can attack the enemy faster than the Incas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India today. All eyes were on Putin’s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi. The meeting discussed national and international issues as well as bilateral agreements. Prior to the meeting, the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the two countries held 2 plus 2 talks. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoi signed key agreements. India has set up an AK-203 rifle manufacturing unit in Korva near Amethi in Uttar Pradesh as a joint venture with Russia. This powerful rifle manufacturing unit of the same type was set up a year ago. Russia will manufacture Automatic Kalashnikov rifles in this unit. All types of rifles of that series, including the AK47, will be produced here. Let us know some interesting facts about the AK-203 rifles that will be made on the initiative of Make-in India.

Production of over 6 lakh AK-203 rifles
The center has proposed in 2018 for the production of advanced AK-203 rifles. However, with the advent of weapons and technology transfer, no progress has been made. Recently, the agreement came to an end with Russia agreeing to waive royalty payments as part of technology sharing. With this, the production of AK203 rifles will start at the rifle manufacturing factory in Korva in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. The unit will produce a total of over 6 lakh AK-203 rifles.

The deal is valued at Rs. It is reported to be over Rs 5,000 crore. However, reports say that the cost of domestically produced rifles is higher than the cost of importing them. However, reports suggest that the price issue has been resolved with Russia agreeing to reduce the royalty fee on every rifle manufactured in India.

Why did India focus on new rifles?
India is focusing on sophisticated rifles and ammunition to strengthen its defense system. As part of this, it will buy AK-203S rifles from Russia. These rifles work better than current INSAS rifles. The Insas rifle, developed by the Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), has been experiencing technical problems for many years. It has become difficult to use them in places with freezing temperatures. These are cracking. As a result, Indian soldiers or anti-terrorist or anti-Naxal operatives are using AK-47s or other imported rifles instead of INSAS rifles.

What is the difference between AK203 and Inzas Rifles?
The Indian Army is currently using Insas rifles. They have been available for over three decades. The Center has decided to replace them with AK203. They can easily hit a target at a distance of 300 meters. AK-203 rifles are much lighter than Inzas rifles. The Inzas rifle weighs 4.15 kg while the AK-203 weighs only 3.8 kg. The AK-203 rifle can attack the enemy faster than the Incas. The AK-203, capable of 20 rides, fires 30 bullets at once. The Inzas, on the other hand, has a 400m range while the AK-403 has an 800m viewing range. The AK-203 rifle can reportedly be used in both automatic and semi-automatic mode, although it can fire single-shot, three-round blasts with the INSAS. Also, AKA fires 650 bullets per 203 minutes.

Manufacture of AK203 rifles by IRRPL.
The AK-203 will be manufactured in India by Indo-Russian Rifles Pvt Ltd (IRRPL). The Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) and Russian companies Rosoboronexport and Concern Kalashnikov will form a joint venture to carry out the project. Ordnance Factories Board holds 50.5 per cent stake while Russian companies hold the remaining 49.5 per cent stake. The joint venture was the result of an agreement reached between India and Russia in February 2019. According to a Defense Ministry statement in 2019, AK-203s will be 100 per cent manufactured in India, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said. He clarified that the IRRPL would export arms to other countries, including Russia, after starting production at the Korva factory.

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