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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Season – Shanmukh has a craze. Anyway, why is he doing this?

01 13
Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Season

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Season – Shanmukh has a craze. Anyway, why is he doing this? Are you in the house afraid of defeat knowing nothing?

He is tagging people who do wrong and vote wrong. He commented on why people are voting for those who are doing wrong. Shanmukh thinks Brahma is the house itself because he says that something in the Bigg Boss house is Brahma.

Even in a discussion with Priyanka last week, Shanmukh behaved as if he thought Brahma. Kajal says Priyanka is in doubt over who will be eliminated last week if she plays Priyanka. However Shanmukh .. Manas also said that he could be eliminated. I do not think he will go but .. I think he will win only those who hurt Ocarina no matter how much .. Shanmukh said to Sunny. When Priyanka said that it is not correct to say that only those who hurt Ocker will win .. Kajal gives hype to Sunny no matter how many mistakes she makes’. Could it be her game plan .. says Priyanka? ‘They said it was wrong .. but they are not going to go out .. there are a lot of fans .. they will not say anything no matter what .. they are still voting .. he commented on the fans

What does the real Shanmukh think of himself .. He feels like he’s transcendent to the Bigg Boss house saying he is Brahma .. He has said many times that if I make a mistake I will ever go away. Does that mean that those in the house did not make a mistake .. According to that calculation, how can it be that those in the house made a mistake. Pony said that if he made a mistake, he would not be here .. That is, all those who were eliminated and left were wrong .. If so, Ravi .. Why did Ravi say I miss you? Shanmukh, Siri gave an Oscar level performance. . Nominated by Siri, Shanmukhle .. What is the reason for Ravi being eliminated .. Why did he say that for Ravi again. Does Ravi support from the outside? Ayyababoy Shanmukh

But no matter how many mistakes are made, people are voting. That is why Sunny, Kajal and Manas are voting. Suppose it is correct. Why did Siriki Shanmukh go to the grassroots saying that his own family members came and made mistakes. No matter what they say. Again the story is mediocre. The couple who turned the Bigg Boss show into a Hug Boss show .. without realizing their mistakes .. again people could not understand what it means to say that they are voting for those who do wrong. Okay let’s assume Shanmukh is correct. Those who make mistakes stay in the house. They are the ones who are voting .. Is that why .. Shanmukh was kept in this Siri House till the 14th week .. Or he had to be sent out sometime for the work done by both of them.

But who should be kept in the house? Where is Shanmukh who deserves to be told who to vote for? Bigg Boss Telugu The most talked about couple of all seasons, Siri-Shanmukhla’s hugs have gone viral, but Brahma does not know. If this is what we see in an hour, then if Hindi Bigg Boss Law telecasts for 24 hours … there will be a howl.

Recently, Kajal and Manas made a joke linking Sunny and Siri. Siri commented that your Alia Bhatt will come as soon as he is seen. But Shannu who could not take it for fun got serious on Siri. Looking to create a track between the two of you, he said your character will be bad if you are not careful. Siri Light‌ took it as they said it was fun and went even further cooked up and left me with nothing to say. This raises the suspicion that Shanmukh is feeling insecure. Put Siri in complete control..Siri is crazy he can not know.

However, Shanmukh, who wanted to compete with Sunny in the title race, is finally taking the plunge on himself. Audiences are playing on social media that Shanmukh, who can’t make an impact on any single task – has nothing to say to anyone voting. Despite this, Nagarjuna has to say that the support for Poi is very silly. Even though the people of Nagarjuna have already trolled well.

However, Bigg Boss 5 Shanmukh is in the top 2. No need to be surprised if he is the title winner.

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