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SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu, IPS, Alerted the NDRF & SDRF

Tirupati Floods
Tirupati Floods

Urban District SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu, IPS, alerted the NDRF & SDRF teams for immediate relief in case of heavy to very heavy rains due to low pressure in the coming days.

Recommendations of the District SP: –

  • Heavy rains are expected from December 26 to December 2 due to low pressure in the south-eastern Bay of Bengal.
  • People should be vigilant in the wake of heavy rains coming. People or motorists should come out if it is an emergency.
  • People should take proper care not to fall prey to dangers.
  • Do not stand under trees, on electric poles when it is raining.
  • People should not be under old buildings, under trees, in areas where there are electricity poles.
  • Currently overflowing ponds are likely to overflow at this time. Rivers and canals can overflow with flood water.
  • Many areas are at risk of flooding.
  • Do not panic on social media. Do not believe the myths. Confirm any matter.
  • Do not over-believe some of the news that comes on social media and WhatsApp. Do not send messages to others as soon as they arrive, find out the truth once and for all.
  • People must be careful, sluggishness is useless.
  • Anukshan We are for your protection and we are taking inconsistency measures to save the people.
  • When traveling in high traffic during a traffic diversion, be sure to follow the line pattern and cooperate as you will be able to go if the oncoming lane allows you to do so.
  • Emergency vehicles should not be disturbed.

Tirupati Urban District SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu said the IPS should alert the people and ensure that they act responsibly in the wake of reports of heavy to very heavy rains from December 26 to December 2 this month. Asked to be careful not to get infected.

Therefore, people in the hinterland and those living in flood-prone areas are urged to keep valuables such as cash, jewelry, and household documents in a safe place.

There may be a manhole under the water in unknown areas when traveling on the roads, so pedestrians and motorists should be careful while assessing the condition of the road.

Those in flood-prone areas should contact the police control room or the nearest police station by phone to report their situation.

If the elderly have small children in the home, take care of them. Send to relatives in a safe area. Do not give a chance until there is a risk of flooding.

Due to the heavy rains this season, there is a high risk of ponds collapsing, reservoirs at high risk of flooding, heavy winds causing trees to break, power poles toppling and old buildings collapsing.

Even though the district authority has already taken the necessary steps, the people should also be aware of their responsibility and remain vigilant.

In many parts of the district, the ponds are already overflowing and there is a risk of the ponds being cut off due to heavy rains from the 27th to the second day.

Those in villages and those living in the hinterlands of cities and towns need to think ahead to reach safer areas and avoid flooding.

Those who wish to seek help in an emergency can call Dial 100, 8099999977, 9154881006 and the relevant rescue operation police personnel will be available to assist immediately.

We have already deployed several teams of rescue operation police teams within the respective police stations. For the protection of the people, the police are on high alert and taking steps to prevent any incidents. On this occasion, Urban District SP Sri Venkata Appala Naidu appealed to the IPS that the people should take note of this and provide their assistance to the police in times of need as part of relief efforts.

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