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Samantha has made a fuss again on social media

Samantha New Movies
Samantha New Movies

Samantha has made a fuss again on social media.. Let’s say it’s Normal. Let’s see what it is now.

Samantha was introduced to ‘Em Maya Chesave’ in Telugu and dropped the boy in her own maya and played the hero in the film. After four years of her wedding, she divorced Naga Chaitanya and shocked everyone. Samantha Naga Chaitanya has said on social media that she is ending their four-year marriage.

However, after their divorce, some Akkineni fans trolled Samantha wrong. There were many accusations against Samantha. But Samantha’s fans hit back at the criticism. We know that most of the trolls is correct and now Samantha has given chance to another trolling.

Akkineni fans took to social media to wish Chaitanya as it was Naga Chaitanya’s birthday on November 23. Some celebrities from Tollywood also wished Chaitanya a happy birthday. However, Samantha Wishes, Chaitanya’s ex-wife, did not say. However, it can be corrected that it is her personal. No one even cared.
But Mandela’s post now has become a big hot topic for Chaitanya fans.

Samantha posted on social media that her pet dog Hash was having a birthday. Naga Chaitanya fans started trolling samantha with this. Can’t naga chaitanya be given the priority given to the pet dog. Chaithu is questioning whether he does not remember. On the other hand, Samantha’s fans say that samantha’s birthday wishes to Chaithu is her personal thing. How did you forget Naga Chaitanya, who said he was a friend before getting divorced?’ Some fans claim that Samantha’s post seems to have a lot of revenge on Chaitanya.

This made everyone a hint with this post that the fight for their divorce was not small. Samantha is discussing on social media that she does not do her films and does such insane things and enjoys mental pleasure.

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